General Ledger Template

Is there need of a proper format and guide to make general ledger for a business? Try to use this general ledger template; it is free of cost and suitable for all businesses and companies. A basic record of all financial transactions of the business is known as general ledger. It is just like a very first step of every business or company for record keeping and also helps them a lot in making of annual financial reports at the end of an accounting year. General ledgers are usually prepared by general accountant of the company or business. If it is your responsibility to prepare and manage general ledger of the company, you are advised to use following free general ledger template. It not only provides you a proper format but enough guidance to as well to make general ledger faultless.

Everybody needs general ledger template for keeping record of their various transactions and activities. This is why we are adding here a general ledger template for you for this purpose. It will help you keep your records up to date every time. You can download this ledger template easily into your computer and then can customize it according to your particular requirements. Here is the snapshot of this template and I hope that you will like it.

As a professional businessman you may regularly prepare documents for business purpose that may be full of many different formats and take long time to prepare. It helps you a lot to save yourself a considerable amount of time if you produce a template to use as the basis of your documents. Using a template while creating a document, you will have access to ready-made documents which you can easily operate to suit your requirements. A well designed template enables a user to edit, save and manage the result as an ordinary document. Large number of people unfamiliar with templates and have no idea that how it can help in preparation of business and personal documents. Let we explain briefly about a template and its use.

You can download this template from the link given below. Open it in Microsoft program and then customize it according to your particular needs. Do remember that many people are downloading these templates so its better to have some changes in it before use if you want uniqueness.  We do hope that you will like this template very much. Its is being provided for free so its solely your discretion to use this template for your specific purposes.